Improving how you access services and how we deliver services.

ePASS, short for Electronic Pre-Assessment Screening Service, is an easy-to-use internet-based tool that lets individuals check to see if they might potentially qualify for several North Carolina benefits and services without having to visit a Social Services office.

ePASS is accessible from any computer that has access to the internet. Once the user answers a few questions online, ePASS will display the programs that the individual may be potentially eligible to receive and application instructions. The individual will then have to submit an application to the local DSS office where a final eligibility decision will be made. To take advantage of this new tool, please visit

At present, ePASS does not allow you to submit your application electronically. Individuals must print and mail or take their application to the local DSS office. However, in the future, ePASS will allow the application to be submitted electronically to the local DSS office, thereby saving time while adding convenience.

NC FAST (North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology), is for households applying for Food and Nutrition Services only. The NC FAST Program is designed to improve the way North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) and the 100 county departments of social services conduct business. NC FAST introduces new technological tools and business processes that will enable staff to spend less time performing administrative tasks and more time assisting families.

In the future, NC FAST will add more programs which will allow customers to submit one application for various programs and services, thereby minimizing the number of persons customers will need to see to apply for benefits. In the future, the following programs are scheduled to be included in NC FAST:

  • Work First (TANF)
  • Medicaid
  • Special Assistance and Refugee Assistance
  • Child Services

We will continue to share information regarding the development of NC FAST as more information becomes available. Customers who wish to apply for Food and Nutrition Services can do so using ePASS, the NC DHHS online application tool.

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